16 February 2010

Back to the Grey Horse

The open mike nights at the Grey Horse are becoming part of my regular social scene, and for good reasons.

We were a little later to arrive this time and the young crowd had bagged the best seats but we were still OK sitting side on to the performers.

I was pleased to find the Winter Warmer still on (it has gone from some pubs already) as a good beer invariably means a good evening.

The music was the expected mixed bag as each of the performers did their own thing, and the variety is very much part of the fun.

Especially memorable were a guitarist whole played Flamenco style with very busy and precise fingers and the group pictured here who were pleasant but nothing more on their first stint but came back to deliver a stonking rendition of Zombie. Yes, I did sing along!

It was another convivial evening spent with friends enjoying music in a friendly pub. Of course I'll be going again.

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