22 March 2008

The Now Show

The Now Show is a worthy BBC Radio 4 tradition and the latest series started a couple of weeks ago. A more recent tradition is our attendance at recordings of the show. These are held on Thursday evening and the show is first broadcast the following day at 6:30pm.

The routine is bus/tubes to Richmond, Hammersmith, Green Park, Oxford Circus, eating in the Pizza Express near to Broadcasting House, being around 50th in the queue, me getting picked out by the security system, and positioning ourselves successfully in the waiting area so that we get seats in the front row.

Almost part of this tradition is getting one or more of our replies to the audience question being read out. This time I had two read out during the recording but neither made it to the show as broadcast - no real surprise as both jokes were a little weak and the killer punchline to one of them was censored by Steve Punt (again, no surprise given its subject matter!).

The show itself lived up to expectations being 50 minutes of live anarchy that was edited down to 30 minutes of tight comedy and part of the fun is trying to remember which bits were cut.

I'm already looking forward to the next show in a few weeks and until then I have the radio shows and podcasts to keep me going :-)

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