8 March 2008

Watching TV on my iPod touch

The news that the BBC iPlayer has been made available for the iPhone and iPod touch is fantastic! I've only dabbled with the potential so far but must confess to watching an episode of Two Pints ... in bed last night :-)

The screen on the iPod touch is superb and I prefer wating vidoes on that to using a laptop (I have several) with a larger screen. It is also much more mobile so you can watch it, for example, when lying in bed or sitting in the bath.

The iPhone and iPod touch are dream machines and they just get better. Perhaps I should get an iPhone too ...


  1. What would happen if you dropped your ipod in the bath? Would you get electrocuted? Whatever will they think of next!

  2. You are the true Gadget Man, Matthew! Yes, what next? It is quite exciting the follow the techie devlopment.


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