7 March 2008

Jack Kirby's Kamandi

There is a lot of talk about Jack Kirby on the web at the moment, probably due to the number of compilation books that have come out recently covering titles like Fantastic Four for Marvel and the Fourth World series for DC Comics, so I thought that I would chip in.

I am a big Jack Kirby fan because he brought a great sense of the fantastic and the majestic to everything that he drew.

I can live with some of the loose anatomical drawing (like never drawing finger nails) because of the sheer excitement he brought to the page on galaxy spanning adventures with heroic characters such as the Fantastic Four and the New Gods and on personal dramas with characters like Captain America and the Black Panther.

But out of all these, Kamandi is my favourite.

It tells the story of the last boy on earth who emerges from his shelter to find the world run by animals who find him an object of curiosity and fear.

Jack Kirby wrote and drew this one so in the words and pictures you get the same vision and excitement that focuses on the big picture and eschews the heavy ballast of too much detail, Excellent stuff.

I know my back copies are in my study somewhere ...!

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