24 March 2008

Kingston upon Thames Society meeting

Because of my interest in local affairs and in architecture, I have been a member of the Kingston upon Thames Society for fifteen years or more but never quite managed to get to a meeting until last week.

The topic that final drew me out of the shadows was billed as "Sustainable houses are coming: Brian Mark, eco specialist, gives an overview of changes in building techniques designed to meet the global warming problem."

My summary of the talk is that developers have to meet impossible building standards within a few years and that there is no option as the planet cannot sustain our current lifestyle. The talk grabbed the interest of the audience and there were many questions afterwards, ranging from cremation to turnips.

Now that I have tasted the blood of the meetings I hope to be going to a few more, particularly the one in June on the Thames Landscape Strategy, which I think is a disaster (but you'll have to scour my Ham Photos blog to find out why).

A more encouraging story on the subject of sustainable living can be found in a TED talk by architect William McDonough.

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