9 March 2008

Another reason not to like Ofsted

Many people, myself included, have concerns that the inspection regime that pervades Local Government in the UK is doing nothing to improve services to people. I believe the opposite to be true, i.e. we are spending lots of government money on an inspection process that is actually making things worse. A recent example helps to explain part of the problem.

The school that I am a governor of has just had one of the new "quickie" Ofsted inspection and the report was published last week. In most of the categories we scored a "2" for good or a "3" for satisfactory but we got one "4", poor, for standards. However, what Ofsted have not told us is why are our standards are poor when everything we do is good or satisfactory.

The report just tells us what we already know, offers no insights or advice, and so has no value.

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  1. I know how much schools in general fear the OFSTED "inquisition". Turns schools upside-down for a few weeks, making teaching even harder.


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