1 March 2008

March, march, march across Red Square*

On my last day in Moscow I had a little bit of free time before heading off to the airport so I made the trek though the falling snow to Red Square to see the must-see things, such as Saint Basil's Cathedral pictured here.

Not surprisingly there are several majestic buildings in and around Red Square and you can see these in my Facebook photo album, but I found Red Square itself a little disappointing. This may be because it was wet and grey and cold but the gaudy temporary ice rink also had something to do with it!

For me, the highlight of Moscow was the pedestrianised Arbat Street which starts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Being pedestrianised is a real plus as most of Moscow is dominated by the motor car which makes getting anywhere above ground really quite difficult and noisy. And the street has numerous attractions including market stalls, statues, restaurants and artwork in the paving. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll, which I did three times in three days :-)

* The title comes courtesy of the Human League's The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (from the excellent Dare album) which I could not get out of my head once the lyrical connection had been made.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful photo tour, Matthew. I had a look at all 56 pictures on Facebook. Great photos! :-)


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