12 May 2016

2000AD Prog 1936 with Harry Absalom

My catching-up with 2000AD is going well, if not quite well enough for me to be up to date by the time that I start my new job. There has been a lot of enjoy as I've tried to read four issues a day and I wanted to highlight one of the less well know stories - Absalom.

Harry Absalom is a police inspector who fights supernatural forces in a version of modern day Britain. His police procedures are far more The Sweeney than Line of Duty and that is part of the charm of the stories. These are penned by 2000AD regular Gordon Rennie who has written several Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper stories as well as creating other titles such as Aquila.

The artwork by Dom Reardon is deliciously quirky and ideal for the strip.

Absalom is something a little different and a cracking read with it.

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