17 May 2016

2000AD Prog 1947 with Judge Dredd on a charge

My deep dive into the last two years of 2000AD continues and while I am trying to draw attention to some of the lesser known, or almost unknown, strips there are times when the old favourites demand attention and Henry Flint's cover to Prog 1947 is one such moment.

In the current Dredd story line, Enceladus, he is up against fallen judges who had been exiled to the penal colony on Titan and then had moved to another of Saturn's moons, Enceladus. Somehow that had led to Mega City 1 being engulfed by ice and under attack from ice monsters. The strip carries these longer stories from time to time and I love them. Writer Rob Williams takes the credit for this one.

But it is Henry Flint's art that makes this Dredd story something rather special.

I also like the reference to the classic Doors song, Riders On the Storm, in the title. 2000AD does a lot of that sort of thing.

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