5 May 2016

2000AD Prog 2014 - and many others

Somehow I let my unread pile of 2000ADs grow to around two year's worth, just over 100 issues.

I have long intended to catch up and then keep up to date and finally I have the chance to do so with a four week break between finishing one job and starting another. That works out at around four progs a day and I have more or less kept up with that for the first two and a bit weeks. I think the required read rate has crept up to five a day but I think that I can increase the rate as I head towards the deadline and even if I fail that target then reading just one prog a day will allow me to get right up to date within a week or two.

Catching up may sound like a chore but it is proving to be a real pleasure and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sixty issues that I have read so far.

One of the nice things that 2000AD has done in recent years is have jumping on issues, like prog #2014, where all the strips start new story lines. Prog #2014 also has a triumvirate of mega-stars inside and on the cover, namely Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd and Slaine. Good days indeed.

Another task I have given myself for this break is to sort out my comics that were arranged, not organised, in piles in three rooms by bagging them all and putting them into boxes. This has meant several trips to Raygun Comics, always a good place to go, to buy boxes and bags followed by hours spent at the top of the stairs carefully putting comics into bags and bags into boxes. Those hours were made palatable by listening to drama on BBC Radio, starting with seven hours of Evelyn's Waugh's Men at Arms.

Once I have dealt with the 2000AD backlog I can start on the other piles of unread comics.

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