16 May 2016

My first day at sparesFinder

Today I started my new job as a Project Manager for sparesFinder. We can help solve your company's materials data challenges and provide the tools you need to deliver significant savings to take you beyond data cleaning.

Materials Data Management (MDM) is not quite a completely new area for me as I had some exposure at both Dwr Cymru Welsh Water I managed a small project that maintained asset details in a GIS and at EDF Energy where I worked at a coal-fired power station for a few months and everything they did was about managing assets. I see MDM as an excuse to learn something new which I will both enjoy and expect to be good at.

One of the attractions of the job is that is is based in Teddington. I mapped my walk to work this morning and it came out at 2.33 km and took 22:24 minutes walking at an unhurried pace. I plan to walk to/from work every day and will be experimenting with longer routes, though I will probably always have to cross the river using the Teddington Footbridge, so that I can get more steps in and can spend more time listening to podcasts.

For the first time in quite a while I am genuinely looking forward to coming in to work and I hope to be here for a good few years until the lure of doing nothing finally pulls me into retirement.

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