14 February 2015

Bad Penny at the Fox and Duck

Bad Penny describe themselves as a classic rock tribute band and that is plenty good enough reason to see them play. I thought that I had seen them before but I cannot find any proof in my blog so perhaps I am mistaken. They are certainly the sort of band that I should have seen play before.

I missed the first part of their set due to being at an opera recital (as you do) and so the pub was already full and lively when I arrived sometime around 10:30pm. It was good to see some familiar faces there, especially one of the younger ones who could tell me what some of the more recent songs were. I had no problems recognising Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World and resisted all caution to sing along to it. And some other songs that I knew too.

It was a very pleasant night spent listening to good music, played well in a nice pub with a friendly and lively atmosphere. That is what Saturday nights at the Fox and Duck are all about.

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