21 February 2015

Bungles Finger quickly back to the Fox and Duck

Having seen the New Year in at the Fox and Duck, Bungles Finger were soon back for another night of superb music.

Not for the first time I had to miss the miss the first half due to a theatre date and I got to the pub just after 10:30pm when they were just into the second half of their set with a selection of punk songs, starting with Teenage Kicks. I slipped into the left side of the bar (a common spot to find me) and ordered my first Doombar of the evening.

I loved the familiar punk songs and was very satisfied with the more recent songs which I mostly knew from covers bands, but the highlight of the evening was the closing medley of easy-listening songs Can't Take My Eyes Off You (with some new lyrics!), I'm a Believer, and Delilah. And in recognition of the group of men dancing vigorously to all these they closed with Gay Bar, which was danced to with equal gusto.

Another great night that demonstrated the magic that live music can bring to a pub.

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