1 February 2015

Back to Kew Gardens to see sheep, glasshouses, water and a few plants

This was another grey day but that was no reason not to go back to Kew Gardens.

As usual, I had decided to go the day before having first checked the weather to ensure that it would not be raining in the morning and having a reasonably early finish to be ready for the early start. Setting the alarm for 8:30 at a weekend seems harsh but it had to be done to be at Kew Gardens when it opened at 9:30.

I started at Lion Gate, as I usually do, and followed the path clockwise around the edge of the gardens which took me initially through the heavily wooded part. Having got to west side of the garden I took a slight detour into the children's area, which I had not been to since I had small children, and that was a little while ago.

There I was delighted to find these sheep. There was a badger too. And some trees to scramble over which I may just have had a go at.

I continued clockwise around the edge all the way the Orangery on the north side of the garden for the mandatory coffee and cake.

A little further round I came to the grass garden, always a favourite of mine, and it did not disappoint.  The greenhouse behind helped with a nice contrast of colours and lines.

From there it was but a short step to the Alpine Garden which was rich with colour, albeit in very small doses.

The main waterfall in the garden could not have been more different. The flowers were small, delicate, colourful and quiet whereas the water roared brashly over the rocks.

Looking back at the Davies Alpine House I was reminded just how weird it is. I have no idea why plants so small need a roof so high but I am sure that there is a good reason. Perhaps it is just because it looks good, which it is.

Leaving the alpine garden I had a quick look at the Plant Family Beds. These looked bare but neatly regimented as they waited for Spring. The healthy grass helped to make the scene look very attractive.

Finally, I just had to visit the Palm House. Not only was it warmer it had lively plants when most of the rest of the plants in the garden were fast asleep. By then the unexpected Sun had come out too turning the shy from grey to blue.

Kew Gardens once again gave my Sunday an excellent kick-start with the traditional fresh air and exercise in a special place.

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