21 February 2015

Grey London still sparkles

I was in Southwark for a theatre date and chose to walk along the south bank of the Thames, something that I have done many times, for the sheer joy of it. I wanted a coffee (and cake) and was very disappointed to find that all the cafes along the Thames Path belonged to bland chains, so I avoided them all and headed for Tate Modern instead.

There are several cafes in the Tate and I thought that my best chance of getting a quick coffee and a seat would be the Espresso Bar on the 3rd floor, and proved to be a good plan.

Coffee and cake consumed I went out on to the short balcony there to take in the view. Most people were looking straight ahead at St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge but I looked to the far right where three of the City's icons stood guard over quiet offices.

The sky was an ominous grey and the light was  fading quickly which made the lights stand out but not yet dominated. I had seen this view, and others very like it, many times and still it had the power to captivate me. London is good at doing that.

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