11 February 2015

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (February 2015)

February's BCSA "Get to Know You" Social was much like the others, and here's a photo like all the others to prove it.

I've played around with it a little just so that it is a little different from all the other pictures of Smazeny Syr but it tasted like all the others, as I hoped it would. The beer was all that I hoped too.

The conversations followed some familiar lines as well as some unusual ones. I kept out of a loud but friendly one between a friend I had taken with me and a former ambassador on some aspect of European politics. I think my friend lost that one but he probably thinks otherwise.

As usual, there were a few fresh faces amongst us regulars and that opened up more topics for conversations, often around "where are you from?" or "what are you doing in the UK?". Like good chat-up lines (which these are not), these simple questions opened the options up and led to more interesting and less predictable things to talk about. And we did a lot of talking, which is the siple point of these socials.

The only bad news of the evening was that our usual date in March, the second Wednesday, clashed with another BCSA event and after considering some alternatives we decided that the easiest option was to miss a month so we'll next be doing all this on Wednesday 8 April.

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