20 October 2014

Catching up on Original Sin and other Marvels

The long train journey from London to Barcelona, via Paris, was an excellent opportunity for me to dig some inroads into my comics backlog, and that was an opportunity that I took full advantage of.

I had around fifty comics on my iPad, possibly more,and I leapt in to them devouring titles like Trees, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men and Daredevil. These were mostly Marvel comics because they do the buy the paper copy and get the digital one for free deal which, for a reader who also collects, is the ideal combination. The other titles, like Trees, were from Image comics and these I have only digital copies of.

One series that I read in its entirety was Original Sin, an eight part story from Marvel about the murder of The Watcher.

The writer was Jason Aaron who I knew from his involvement in titles like X-Men: Schism and Avengers vs X-Men. It was a functional script if lacking in surprises and it also included a few impossible machines like Nick Fury's flying car that could travel to the Moon in 5 minutes and the Black Panther's vehicle than could both drill to the centre of the Earth and fly in to space. Not even Thunderbirds could do all that in one machine. That silliness apart it was a very readable story.

What raised the standard was Mike Deodato's exceptional artwork.

I had also come across Mike's work before, notably on The New Avengers, but this time is blew me away. Photo-realism is one of his things these days and that shows here, especially in the Moonscape. What this double-page spread also shows is his ability to construct a page in exciting ways.

Original Sin was never going to set the comics world alight but it managed to do far more than a standard superhero comic does and that was enough to keep me gripped through all eight issues.

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