12 October 2014

Willoughby Pub Quiz (October 2014)

Having run out of time to do a picture round the last time that I did the Sunday evening Pub Quiz at the Willoughby Arms, this time I went somewhat over the top and did six!

The usual format of the quiz is six rounds of ten questions with a big picture round, usually worth around 30 points, run alongside these, i.e. it is issued at the beginning and collected at the end. I varied this and had six smaller picture rounds that were issued and marked with each of the normal rounds.

All six picture rounds were film posters where I blanked-out the names of the stars and the contestants had to fill them in again. It did not matter if the name was in the wrong box, it just had to be one of the right names for that film.

I started off easy with the original version of Ocean's 11 which just had five hidden names including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. They got harder and I ended with The Expendables III with sixteen hidden names (Robert Davi's name is on the poster but he is not in the picture).

I did three old films and then three related newer films, there were two versions of Ocean's 11, two Carry On films (Sergeant and Abroad) and two action films (Red 2 and Expendables 3).

It was a fun round to do I especially liked the poster from the first Carry On film where some of the familiar Carry On regulars were billed as supporting players at the bottom of the poster while the stars pictured included the likes of Bob Monkhouse and Dora Bryan.

There was another bonus in the poster of Carry On Abroad. The woman in the bikini is not named but I know who she is as I have met her many times, she has even been to my house!

It may have been fun but it was also a lot of work and so I think that next time I'll go back to doing stamps.

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