15 October 2014

Open Mic Night at the Grey Horse (15 October 14)

This was one of those serendipitous evenings when the Open Mic Night at the Grey Horse worked out well for me with no forethought and no planning.

I was in Kingston doing something else and after that something else finished I fancied a pint; that happens. The Canbury Arms was closer but that is a quiet foodie pub these days and so I made the short trek to the Grey Horse instead.

I did not know that the Open Mic Night was on but that did not matter as the Grey Horse is a fine pub at any time and they always do a good pint of Young's Ordinary. The Open Mic Night was a bonus.

I was pleased to see some new acts on the bill, including the young lady at the top. Of course it was good to see some of the regulars too and I always like to catch Catherine Paver's set because it is a little bit unusual and so stands out from what can be more of the same folkies.

Some of the usual people were there to see the performances too and so I did a bit of socialising as well as listening, and that's is always a wining combination.

I had things to do at home so could not stay out long, and probably should not have gone at all if I was being sensible, and I left after just a couple of leisurely pints. I was there under an hour but that was plenty enough to refresh and reinvigorate me after a busy day at work and a thoughtful evening meeting.

Beer is good, beer with live music is better, beer with live music and friends is best.

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