16 October 2014

BBC Bias: Saying something important has happened when it hasn't

Pretending the something important has happened is the most obvious and common way that the BBC shows its pro-Tory bias. There were two very good examples of it today.

In the morning a sacked minor minister Owen Paterson called for Climate Change targets to be dropped and, despite being a nobody with no influence, managed to get plenty of time on the BBC to put his point of view. Liam Fox is another ex-Minister (and do not forget why he had to become an ex) who only has to speak to have the doors to the BBC open for him.

But the story that I wanted to give as an example was David Cameron doing nothing about immigration.

All that happened was he said that something needed to be done about immigration, which he had said many times before, but the mere fact the he said it was enough for the BBC to give it top-billing on their News page. This gives the false impression that something is being done and that Cameron is doing it.

The Conservatives would love to be able to buy publicity like this, and perhaps they are.

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