29 January 2010

Karaoke can be fun!

A karaoke evening in a pub is normally a good reason to go somewhere else but the combination of Burns Night and a company party was enough to drag me down to The Willoughby Arms for the evening.

And after a slow start with a mix of slow ballads sung to a mix of standards it warmed up to a great night.

Things started to get lively when Gooner Dave took the approach I would have done, if I had any courage and any singing ability, and chose a loud rock song, Ace of Spades in this case.

Not only is good singing not required, it's almost forbidden and the loud music drowns out much of the noise you make anyway. There is also the added benefit that with the right song and the right mood the whole pub will sing along with you and so pay even less attention to you.

And so it was that I eventually got to sing myself, safe in the knowledge that everybody was singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of their voices and nobody cared how well or badly anyone else was singing. Which was just as well in my case.

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  1. I was there (did 'White Room' among others)! Just happened upon your blog by chance while googling something else. It was a fun night.


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