4 January 2010

A welcome return for Hustle

Having been made to wait two years for series 5 we now have series 6 following in almost unseemly haste less than a year later. For fans like me that is excellent news.

Series 6 carries on where series 5 left off with the same cast and the same slick scripts that keep Hustle warmly back at their roots, in London doing classy scams to deserving victims while the police circle impotently.

Hustle creator Tony Jordan was at the scriptwriting helm for the first episode and he delivered in spades.

Even though you believed (or hoped) that the gang would avoid prison, it was wonderful to see how they did it and there were lots of tense moments and laughs along the way.

And the news gets even better with the release of series 5 on DVD next week (my Amazon order was placed months ago).

After the bitter disappointment of Day of the Triffids, it is good to be able to compliment the BBC on producing some excellent drama. Hustle is a real treat in a bleak schedule that otherwise seems to be lying comatose waiting for the return of Dr Who.

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