11 January 2010

Fabulous FreakAngels

My two very favourite comics at the moment are both (very) English and part of that means that they come out every week. How good is that?!

I heaped well deserved praise on 2000AD recently and now it's the time to return to the truly magnificent FreakAngels from the truly magnificent Warren Ellis.

When I last wrote about FreakAngels, back in October, we were approaching the dramatic end of Volume 3. That situation has yet to fully resolve itself (I'm trying not to any spoilers here) but Volume 4 breaks the chronology and takes us back not quite to the beginning of the beginning but but certainly to the end of beginning and possibly to the beginning of the end.

FreakAngels is a post apocalyptic story and this picture shows some of the apocalypse in motion. Once again Paul Duffield's art is allowed to tell the story unsullied by spurious word balloons or unnecessary narrative. This is a story telling team working brilliantly together when they are already rather good individually. This is what makes FreakAngels work.

And the counter-intuitive marketing still seems to be working. You can, and I do, read FreakAngels for free every week, but I also but the collected volumes as soon as they come out for easier rereading.

I am not sure where Warren Ellis is going with the story, at the very least we have all those loose ends from Volume 3 to tidy-up but I hope that there is a lot more to come than just that. But, wherever the story goes from here, I'm along for the ride as it continues to surprise, delight, confound and entertain.

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