14 January 2010

Zlaty Bazant

My knowledge of Slavic languages remains limited despite the years spent in Prague and the amount of time spent with Czech and Slovaks since then but I do know that "Zlaty Bazant" means "Golden Pheasant", though you could argue that the picture on the label is bit of a clue.

What the picture does not tell you is that it is a smooth drink from Slovakia that is now available at the Czechoslovak National House in West Hampstead.

I was there for the monthly BCSA "Get to Know You" Social which is an informal meet-up for anybody who thinks that they have Czech/Slovak connections or who just fancy some regional beer and food.

The Zlaty Bazant made a change from my usual Pilsner Urquell but, that apart, it was a typical social with a healthy mix of regulars and newcomers that leads to stimulating conversations.

I go to a number of regular meetings each month, all of which have a large element of fun - otherwise I would not keep going to them, but the BCSA socials are something special and I'll be trekking off to West Hampstead on 10 February to greet some more golden pheasants.

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