6 June 2009

Three Kew Gardens

These days I really am spending almost all of my free time at weekens visiting gardens and then writing about them, and here are three more. These gardens are all in Kew and are a short walk from Kew Station. That also means that they are a short walk from the The Railway public house which is where my afternoon started with a pint of Staropramen.

The first two gardens were fairly typical suburban gardens in size and shape but in each case the owners had worked hard to turn the usual in to something interesting. The first garden complemented the planting with a collection of odd objects, including a pair of feet and this charming pig.

The second garden made the most of its South facing wall to produce a border with a rich variety of shapes, heights and colours.

The final garden was on a large corner plot and was divided into several sections but I managed to limit myself to just sharing just one picture of it because I suspect some of you may be getting tired of all these garden photos!

Not pictured here are the cup of tea and two slices of cake that I enjoyed in this garden. The money all went to charity so how could I possibly refuse such an offer?

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