11 June 2009

An early walk in Richmond Park

It seemed like a good idea at the time so I agreed to go for a walk in Richmond Park at six in the morning to avoid the massed hordes that fill the place on any fine day.

The route was fairly simple, enter the park at Ham Gate, follow the boundary wall anti-clockwise past Kingston Gate and on to Robin Hood Gate and come back through the centre of the park passing Pen Ponds and taking in Isabella Plantation.

The deer were out in force along the route and I saw five or six different groups of them during the walk. It was early in the day so the sun was bright but not that warm, however, the deer were still mostly keeping to the shade - which did not help the photography! Even though I was fairly close to them at times I only got a few respectful stares and managed to avoid panicking them in to running away.

It was very much end of season for most of the flowering plants in Isabella Plantation but there were a few trees still in bloom to provide large blotches of colour to contrast with the dark greens of the abundant foliage.

Isabella Plantation becomes uncomfortably busy during the day so it was especially nice to be able to enjoy it in peace. I saw only one or two other people in there and they were quickly hidden behind large shrubs and bushes.

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  1. How lovely to hear you describe your early morning walk. I know exactly what you are talking about since I have walked, run, cycled and driven through the park an endless number of times. It is simply wonderful. Thanks for guiding my mind through it again!


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