28 June 2009

Poetry in Sheffield

So far in my fairly limited explores of Sheffield I have managed to find two poems among the many public works of art.

The first one that I came across was actually three poems by Benjamin Zephaniah (Minds, Question and Heroes) which are on the New Student Residences in Division Street (in one of the many student quarters).

The words from these three poems are cut into the window grilles with just a few words at each window so you have to stand back a bit to get sufficient vantage to read the complete poems.

The other, more prominent, poem is What If? by former poet laureate Andrew Motion, and it compels you to read it as you climb the hill up from the station to the top of the town.

Public poetry like this strikes me as being a good way to reintroduce people to poetry, assuming that they dabbled with it and were put off it at school.

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