4 June 2009

Five Garden Close, Putney

I seem to be writing about gardens a lot in this blog at the moment mainly because I am visiting lots of gardens, though I am not quite sure how that happened. I am no keener on gardens now than I was previously and I guess that the increased visiting is simply down to greater knowledge of what is available through the National Gardens Scheme and greater free time in which to visit them.

A pleasant cycle through Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath took me to the iconoclastic Five Garden House built in Huf Haus style and surrounded by a well designed and cared for garden.

The house is surrounded by a decked walkway and just beyond that at the front of the house are two ponds separated by a narrow path to the lawn and front gate. This space is full of plants, trees, stones, watering cans, pots, etc. but still carries off the modern minimalist look with ease.

At one side of the house there is another smaller pond that was busy with activity as several pairs of dragon flies got on with their Spring rituals. Here the borders have been discretely planted for colour as well as for shape.

As the side and front gardens merge the borders become bigger and bolder and a subtle path lead you towards the lawn and proffers different views of the garden. What makes this garden even more enjoyable (for the owners at least) is that the exterior walls of the house are all glass and so it can be enjoyed from indoors from almost every room.

A warm day, a good cycle through park land and an interesting garden at the end of the journey made this an excellent venture. The glass of wine sipped on the front veranda helped too.

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