12 June 2009

Two Richmond Gardens

The open garden season continues apace, this time with two relatively small gardens on Richmond Riverside. The layouts are a little unusual with the front gardens to the four storey houses being above boat houses and the rear gardens separated slightly from the houses by an access road.

Other houses in the parade have used this space simply to park cars but in both these cases the owners have installed an artist's studio at the far end and have seriously landscaped the space leading up to the studio.

The first garden was simple in construction but was packed with statues, usually of heads, and with colourful plants. This assortment is in the middle of a small square water feature. Other water features provide a refreshing trickling sounds and a home for fish.

The owner of the second house, the legendary Bamber Gascoigne, explained how he designed the two semi-circular sides to the fantastic pond that dominates the garden. The two banks are linked by a most unusual "stepping stone" in the form of a metal springy snake that does not quite throw you in to the water like you expect it to.

This is the same garden looking across the sunken pond to the studio at the back. The very large leaves in the foreground give a hint to the size and depth of the pond.

When looking at this garden you have to remember that the next door neighbour uses this space just for parking cars. I think that this garden is a much better use of the space!

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