29 November 2008

Strange boat

On a fairly rare shopping trip in to Kingston town centre last week I spotted this strange boat moored on the Hampton Wick side next to Kingston Bridge.

The only time that I have ever seen a boat anything like this one before was in the excellent Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies" which featured a futuristic stealth boat invisible to the navy's radar.

Incidentally, the Hamburg night club featured in that film was actually the main IBM UK office at Bedfont Lakes, near Heathrow.

I was based there at the time and the office I worked in was just by the place that Bond broke into the club. I first saw this part of the film in a trailer shown in the Planet Hollywood in Disneyland Paris (where I was for an IBM event).


  1. I have seen this, it's a houseboat that's been converted to look like a USN Stealth assault craft .....

    Seen the real thing recently at the US Navy base in Newport News Virginia on a work trip ..... Yep, undetectable to radar, but if you have the recent top end Google earth you can see it sitting pretty in dry dock !!!

    Paul M

  2. When I saw the picture I first thought it was your new toy, your latest gadget! Fancy mooring that one at Westminster Pier and popping in to see see your local MP. Wow! ;-)

  3. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to have a look around. The accomodation is amazing, but sadly the finish is very poor. Still, with that said its still a fantastic space, even if it does cost 665,000 squid! No ta, ill build me own!


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