1 November 2008

Happy Halloween!

Where better to be on Halloween than in a lively pub that is holding a beer festival and has green witches behind the bar?!

This is just what the Willoughby Arms offered and it proved to be a great night.

Some of the beers I tried this time were Knobber, Blonde, Golden Pride, Strange Brew and Four Grains. An interesting mix and all good.

Sadly there is a limit to how much beer I can drink and so I had to leave the party just in time to have missed the last bus home by about an hour - luckily it was not raining and I had an iPod with me.

There's a good chance I'll be back down the Willoughby this evening :-)


  1. Hi Matthew, I get a little envious when you write about your pubs and the choice they offer. How much is a pint these days? I've been away for five years now!

  2. Anders, the price of beer rather depends on what you drink and where you drink it. I prefer real ale, i.e. something that comes out of a barrel, and that costs around £3 a pint in most normal pubs. I'll let you do the conversion to litres and euros! Some of the trendier beers in the trendier pubs are more like £4 and I have paid almost £5 for a normal beer in a pub in Mayfair.

  3. Wow! It's worse than I thought. I also prefer real ale. When I moved to the UK I remember buying a pint of ale for less than £1! Now they rob you! ;-)


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