2 September 2007

When the tide is high

The high tide at Richmond this afternoon was 5m, which meant that a lot of the tow-path was under water for an hour or so. I made a trip down to the river to watch the water come in and out.

The cyclists here are actually on the normal path. This was at more or less the highest the water got and, as you can see, it comes half-way up the wheels.

Some brave pedestrians went past on their bare feet and with their trousers rolled up. Not a great idea on such a stony path.

I escaped the water by standing on one of the few benched along the path.


  1. Reminds me of the White Cross in Richmond where it is easy to get marooned. I have sat several times legs up on the tables outside the pub. If you are caught inside you have a good excuse for another pint!

  2. Sadly I have always been caught the other side of the incoming tide and have been kept away from the White Cross. Last time I had to go to the Victoria instead :-(


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