27 September 2007

Kiev is very pretty

Work finished promptly today so we walked back to the hotel, a walk of about 5km or 7km if you follow our route! This gave us the opportunity to see a lot more of the city, a lot of which looks like the photograph above.

The center of the city is quite large and there are decorative and impressive buildings in all directions. There are a number of squares, fountains and statues. Most of the squares are currently occupied by political campaigners ahead of the elections this weekend (30 September). This campaigning brings a host of flags and small tents to the squares and brings democracy to the heart of the city.

The main street in Kiev is wide and busy. The pavements have been designed for promenading and have lots of places to sit and lots of things to look at while seated. This is clearly a popular pastime with the locals as most of the benches were occupied by people resting or reading.

And every now and then you find a building as grand as this one.

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