11 September 2007

Dubai Media City is full of water

Working in Dubai for a few days probably sound more glamorous than it is proving to be. Today I walked about 50m from the hotel to the office at 8:20 and back again at 18:00, took a business call back in my room, went to the hotel bar for a drink and then the hotel restaurant for a (rather nice) curry with a couple of colleagues.

I did manage to go outside for about 15 minutes at lunchtime, which is probably long enough for somebody not used to bright sunshine and a temperature of 44c. In this brief period I had a quick walk around part of the Dubai Media City business park, which also houses the local offices for LogicaCMG.

This may be a very hot desert region but there is water everywhere in the sort of features that would make Ground Force green with envy. The picture above merely hints at the extravagant use of this scarce resource, there are more pictures here.

Tomorrow should be a relatively quiet day which is just as well given the madness planned for Thursday. More on that later.

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