4 September 2007

Herentals, Belgium

I find myself in Belgium for a meeting as a colleague is on holiday and so a substitute was needed. I could have done without this trip as I'll be traveling for nine days from Saturday and need some time to prepare for that. Still, while I am here I'll make the most of the meeting and being in Belgium.

Herentals is a market town in the northern part of Belgium. The town centre looks pretty enough, particularly the market square, though a lot of the beauty is hidden by the fun fair that is here at the moment. My hotel is in the square too so I expect to be kept awake until the fair closes.

In the centre of the square is a church. The entrance and tower are brick faced but the rest of it is stone. This is the back of the church with a rather dramatic statue in the foreground that I took a fancy to. I did look at the plaque but as it is not in English I have no idea what it's about. Hopefully the meeting tomorrow will be clearer!

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