12 August 2007

The Turn of the Screw at Glyndebourne

There is much that makes going to Glyndebourne such a special event:
  • The setting which includes lovely gardens with lots of large exotic plants and a some sculptures
  • The drinks and cakes before the opera and the main picnic during the long interval
  • The modern opera house which looks great, sounds great and is really comfortable
  • The simple modern staging that enhances the story without distracting from it (unlike at the Royal Opera House)
  • The excellent singing and the superb music, which is clearly the main reason for going.
Yesterday I went to see The Turn of the Screw, an opera by Benjamin Britten based on an enigmatic ghost story by Henry James. Even by Glyndebourne's high standards, this was very good. The music sustained a tense and menacing mood throughout (even when nursery rhymes were included in the mix) and the singing was just fantastic. As long as Glyndebourne continues to stage opera as good as this I'll continue to go there.

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