19 August 2007

Easy check-in at Gatwick

I'm flying to Dallas today at 14:15 and was advised on the booking form to check-in 2 hours before this, i.e. 12:15. Recent check-ins at Heathrow to European destinations had gone slower than expected, both at initial check-in and, more severely, at the security checks. Therefore I left home in good time, allowing for hold ups on the M25 etc., and got to Gatwick 1/2 hour early, i.e. 11:45.

Arriving at the American Airlines check-in desk I was very surprised to see only about ten people in front of me. There were a few check-in desks open so the queue moved quickly and I was through in just a few minutes, having checked-in a bag and confirmed my special meal and seat reservation.

The queue for security was a little longer, possibly 50 people but with several scanners working this queue also went quickly. I travel light, just a laptop my iPod and some things to read, so there was nothing to worry the scanners and I was through that in a few minutes too.

The next step was the shoe scanning but for some reason I was excused that (do I look that safe?!) and was allowed to walk straight in to the departure area.

I got through all these steps in less than 30 minutes and so found myself air side at about the time I planned to arrive at the airport! Hence I have time to grab a coffee and make use of the BT Open wireless network. Only 90 minutes now until my plane leaves ...

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