23 August 2007

Some final thoughts on Dallas

Without wishing to be at all unfair, this picture sums up Dallas to me - it's a few islands of identical buildings spread far apart and linked by more concrete than makes sense. Roads that are twice as wide as UK motorways carry less traffic than most of our dual carriageways. Every place you go to is some miles from where you are so you have to drive. I saw one cyclist all week and nobody walking along the street.

Weather wise it was hot and sticky outside (over 30 degrees every day) but when you go inside anywhere it is like walking into a fridge. I wanted to wear a jumper at times.

We ate out every night and most of the places we went to had the decor (plastic tables and seats etc.) of a cheap fast-food joint in the UK. The best place that we went to, a Brazilian restaurant, was a lot better but was still only at the level of a Harvester. I would not have called any of the places a restaurant.

The only positives that I can think of now are that it is clean, safe and you do have a wide choice of places to eat that all have spaces available. So there was nothing really to hate about Dallas but there was nothing to love either.

I shall not be angling to get back to Dallas quickly but, in contrast, I am very much looking forward to potential trips in the near future to Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Egypt and Morocco. I like places with character which, for me, Dallas does not have.

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