9 August 2007

Helsinki cathedrals

Thursday seems to be the best night to be away from home. I'm not sure if it is because my colleagues have had enough of my company and so find excuses not to go out with me in the evening or if their excuses are true and they really are tired and want to spend a quiet evening in the hotel, but I always seem to get Thursday evening to myself to walk around the city, take lots of photos and enjoy the occasional beer in a lively bar.

Tonight I headed out of the hotel away from the city centre to explore more of the nearby park (Kluuvi Gloet).
This led me to part of the harbour (there is an awful lot of harbour in Helsinki) that I had not been to before and I followed the path along the harbour-side as it curved gently back towards the city centre.

The path leads straight to the impressive brick Uspeski Cathedral on the water-front at which point I headed into the narrow roads on the east-side of the city centre. All the roads there seem to lead to another cathedral (pictured) that towers over Senate Square. A really impressive building in a really impressive setting.
The evening was only let down by the latest moronic outpouring from Bush; this time he is threatening Iran for supplying Iraqi opposition forces with weapons only hours after it was admitted that 190,000 USA weapons have gone missing and are presumed to be in opposition hands.

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