18 May 2007

Nan at the Orange Tree is unmissable

I went to the Orange Tree Theatre last night to see Nan by John Masefield and it was a fantastic performance, even by the Orange Tree's high standards.

Nan is a drama set in 1810 on a small tenant farm in a village by the river Severn, where Nan (pictured) lives with her uncle and his wife.

I'll not spoil the plot as I hope that you'll go and see it for yourself but it's a very intense drama that revolves around the tensions between Nan and her Aunt, the amorous ambitions of a young man and the reflections of an old man, Gaffer Pearce, who still dotes on his wife who died 50 years ago.

There is a strong plot, and a dramatic finish, but the main drama is in the dialogue and in the contrasting styles of dialogue. There are scenes of high tension between Nan and her Aunt (I don't think I have ever hated a theatrical character as much) and periods of long reflection between Nan and Gaffer Pearce during which the story's direction is set.

The Orange Tree claims that Nan is "a discovery not to be missed" and they are absolutely right.

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