20 May 2007

Captain America is angry

In the main line of Marvel comics, Captain America died recently, but in the Ultimates line he's still in charge of the Ultimates and his anger is directed at Loki, Norse god of mischief.

The second volume of The Ultimates has just ended with issue #13 which was several months after #12 but well worth the wait.

The creative forces behind The Ultimates are Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch which is a guarantee of a good action story.

This is not really a spoiler as if you are into comics you'll have read this by now and if you're not then this won't mean that much, but the highlights of the final episode are the confirmation that Thor really is the god of thunder, Hawkeye killing the Black Widow and Tony Stark's comment, "never underestimate the healing powers of a blonde".

Great stuff.

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