13 May 2007

Discovery at the Wych Elm

I have started to refresh my summer wardrobe by drinking Fuller's Discovery. As part of a new promotion for the beer they are giving away branded polo shirts for the mere achievement of drinking eight pints of the lovely beer.

The card you are given to collect stamps each time a pint is drunk contains a warning, "this promotion does not require you to drink all 8 pints in one session". Wise words; I took two sessions on consecutive nights at the Wych Elm!

The bonus on the second night was missing the Eurovision Song Contest, even if this was at the expense of lively discussions with first a group of Liberal Democrats (personal adversaries over many years) and then a group of local Conservatives (including a ward councillor). I think that we all agreed that Council Tax should be lower (Kingston's is the highest in London) but we disagreed on how this could be achieved and on the Council's capacity to face up to the change required.

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