2 May 2007

The Naked Ladies of Twickenham

Putting the words "Naked Ladies" in the title will probably up the hit rate but that's not my fault, it really is the name of the beer that I was drinking last night.

I was in the Canbury Arms for the Irish music (first Tuesday of the month) and, as usual, went for a beer that I had not had before. The aforementioned Naked Ladies comes from the local Twickenham Fine Ales, which was another reason for trying it.

The brewery says this of the beer, "Outstanding hoppy beer using First Gold and Styrian Goldings for full-flavoured satisfaction. Good body and luscious aroma. Inspired by the statues of water nymphs in York House gardens in Twickenham, known locally as the Naked Ladies."

Or you could just say that it's rather like Fuller's Discovery, which is no bad thing.

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