20 April 2007

Thunderbird 2 is go

Thunderbird has just got better! It was already much better than Outlook (not difficult) but version 2 is just amazing.

These are just some of the new features:

Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number of tags. Tags can be combined with saved searches and mail views to make it easier to organize email.

Advanced Folder Views: Customize the folder pane to show favorite, unread or recent folders.

Easy Access to Popular Web Mail Services: Gmail and .Mac users can access their accounts in Thunderbird by simply providing their user names and passwords.

Improved New Mail Notification Alerts: New mail alerts include information such as the subject, sender and message preview text.

Folder Summary Popups: Mouse over a folder with new messages to see a summary of the new messages in that folder.

Find As You Type: Finds and highlights message text as you type.

Improved Filing Tools: Recent folder menu items for moving and copying messages to recently used folders. Move / Copy again functionality.

Read all about it here.

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