13 April 2007

Can Children Have Control Over Their Education?

This is a recent posting on Onlinesapiens, one of the education blogs that I subscribe to:
Let us find ways to give our children back their birthright, their natural curiosity and facility to learn. There have to be ways that we can organize our learning institutions to accommodate individual curiosity and the standardized curriculum. I believe that thoughtful educators can create environments that are less restrictive and provide much more natural habitat for learning.
to which I posted this comment:
I think that one thing we need to do to achieve this is to break-up the monopoly whereby a student goes to one school.

Extra curricular learning activities (e.g. arts and sports) are already usually provided outside of school and it is a natural step to increase the range of specialist providers to include what are currently normally considered to be school subjects.

This move would also embrace home schooling as a valid option for some children.

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