1 April 2007

Brett Anderson solo

I was relatively late getting into Suede and the first album I bought was Dog Man Star, having been persuaded of its merits by my then colleagues at Strategic Thought Limited (a minor career diversion that no longer appears on my CV). Since then I have bought everything that Brett Anderson has come, including the reunion with Butler as The Tears and now the eponymous solo album.

Brett Anderson solo sound like Brett Anderson in Suede and in The Tears, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

The mixed reviews it has had seem to be mostly on that basis, i.e. critics like the solo album if they wanted more of the same but don't if they were hoping for a new direction.

My sole gripe at the album is that iTunes classifies it as "easy listening" and, despite being 50 now, I definitely do not go for easy listening albums!

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