15 May 2014

I can see your office from here*

Logica moved out of Stephenson House by the Euston Tower and in to Kings Place by Kings Cross in 2008. The Kings Cross area has seen a great deal of change in that time with much more to come.

One of the new arrivals to the Kings Cross Campus is CSC who my eldest son, Howard, works for and we've swapped photos of each other's office.

This is Howard's photo of Kings Place, that's the big grey building. Logica, now CGI, occupies the top (7th) floor so we have the best views. I am normally on the long west side (I'm there now) somewhere just to the left of the red vertical band that marks the main entrance.

We have a nice veranda on our floor so I was able to walk outside to take this photo. It is taken from the top of the red tower in the previous picture.

The safety barrier is rather tall (I am very pleased to say!) so it restricts the view down, which is why I moved to the gap above the entrance to take the picture. Howard's building is the grey one on the left that is partial obscured by the metalwork.

*My thanks to Camel for inspiring this post's title and for making so many fine albums.

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