22 May 2014

Warren Ellis resurrects Moon Knight

A Warren Ellis comic is always something to look forward to and Moon Knight is no exception.

Moon Knight has been a fringe character in the Marvel Universe since 1975. Born by Egyptian magic his tales have always veered towards mystery and horror and that has kept him out of the mainstream, with the exception of a few cameo appearances. His has been the world shared with the likes of Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Werewolf by Night, Moebius and Man-Thing.

The new incarnation of Moon Knight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey goes back to the basics, which is something of a cross between Batman (rich crime-fighter with expensive gadgets), Punisher (fighting ordinary criminals) and Dr. Strange (magic).

The page above shows Moon Knight confronting ghosts and using special Egyptian tokens to do so. It also shows Warren's trade-marked low word-count that makes space for the pictures, space that Declan expertly fills.

Moon Knight is the right sort of comic for Warren as I think that he is at his best when doing single issue stories on a quirky book, previous examples include Transmetropolitan, Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. and Planetary.

And that means that Moon Knight is a mighty fine comic.

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