11 May 2014

Watergardens on Kingston Hill (May 2014)

The Watergardens on Kingston Hill are somewhat special and so I like to get there whenever I can. They open twice a year for the National Gardens Scheme, in Spring and Autumn, so I have managed to see them a few times but I had not seem them for a couple of years due to other commitments and also some bad weather.

The point of the gardens is the myriad paths that take you up and down the little hill and through different zones from tall trees to delicate flowers.

The centrepiece is at the bottom of the hill. Here there is a large pond, a fizzing fountain and two very still birds looking for fish.

The water also makes its way down the hill, pausing at times in little ponds as it does so. This is called the Watergardens for a reason and water is a key part of the design and the experience.

The core of the Watergardens is the paths. They are there for exploration and discovery and it is a mystery how the gardens manages to squeeze so many in to it.

It is thanks to these many paths that the gardens can seem empty even on a busy day like this one. I did have to wait a few times for somebody to move out of the way but I did not have to wait too often or for too long.

Another path and some more water (sort of). The gap in the path at the bottom of the picture is there to let one of the small streams through.

These photos have deliberately been a collage of water and paths to show how this is a garden for moving through. The water shows some of the routes that can be followed but the fun comes from trying to find all of them.

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