18 May 2013

Nutloaf back at The Albion

Given the choice between staying in and watching the Eurovision Song Contest or going to a pub in town to see Nutloaf play then I am always going to pick the later.

Sadly some people picked the former and it was a quiet night in the pub. Not that that stopped me and a few of the regulars from having fun listening to the band.

Anna also did some dancing, but then she always does. I didn't, but then I never do.

The Albion suits the band because the bay window gives them a natural stage and the bar is wide enough and high enough for the music to escape properly.

On the night I thought that the rhythm section sounded better than I had heard them before, the richness of the sound gave a solid bedrock for the melody and vocals.

As always with Nutloaf, they played a few songs that I either do not like very much or just do not know at all but they play those well enough for me not to get too upset. They also play a few songs that I really to like, I have to mention Crazy Horses and In A Broken Dream again here.

It was certainly far better than staying in to watch Eurovision. Of that there can be no doubt.

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